Supercharger Pulley | Revo 3.0TFSI

Regular Price: $499.00

Special Price $158.00

  • A smaller lightweight electrophoresis high temperature coated pulley designed to work with the factory supercharger and maintain a stock appearance. When combined with Revo Stage1+ calibration this allows for added boost and performance far great than standard performance software. The pulley combined with proper 1+ software shows more than 100hp and up to 90lbft at the wheels over stock. On the road this translates to a more flexible engine with more mid-range and a lot more ‘punch’ lower down than both a stock or standard Stage 1 vehicle.

    *Note this pulley does require proper Revo Stage 1+ software to meet it's full potential. Please use the Revo Dealer Locator to find your closest dealer to install proper software for your application:

    Revo Dealer Locator

    Fitment: 3.0t Models
    Included: Pulley - (x1), Belt - (x1)