- When will you answer my email or forum private message?

Inquiries are generally answered Weekdays 9AM to 5PM CST (Central Standard Time) in the order they are received.

- When will you answer my Instagram or Facebook message?

It might be a day or it might be a week or more. Please use the contact form or email for a faster response.

- How do I check my order status?

Go to My Account to see your order status.

- What do the order statuses mean?

Pending - Order has been placed and has yet to be processed.

Processing - Order has been fully processed and has yet to ship. This applies to all items and means items have yet to ship. You will see this status until your entire order ships.

Complete - All items in the order have been shipped and an automated tracking email(s) will have been sent to you. If you see this status and have not seen an email(s) with automated tracking please check your spam folder.

Cancelled - Order has been cancelled.

- Do you ship to my country?

Almost always, YES! Europrice LLC ships worldwide and when you add items to your cart you can estimate shipping to your country by viewing your cart. If you do not see a shipping price when estimating to your country please contact to confirm your country is available to ship to.

- How long until my order ships?

This depends on what you order. At the time of your order you will receive an email with information regarding delivery times for your specific order.

CETE Automotive items for Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche are generally in stock in North America for quick shipment. Non stocked CETE items generally depart within several business directly from CETE Automotive.

Many items from Audi will be in stock in North America, but with so many items available many items will ship directly from Europe. Generally most items shipping from Europe will depart in 1-2 weeks from the date of your order, but with supply chain and component shortages some items can take longer than general estimation.

OEM, lighting, electrical and some interior items may take longer than general delivery times. Many aftermarket items will be in stock in North America for quick shipment.

ETA information is based on previous orders and standard timeframes but are only estimations and not time definite.

If you did not receive an email with either an estimated delivery time or tracking for in stock items during standard business hours please check your spam folder.

- Can I cancel my order?

When the order status is Pending the order can be cancelled without any payment processing or stocking fees. If your order status is listed as Processing an order is cancellable so long as it is not a special order. For some orders that are listed as Processing at the minimum payment processing fees of 3-7% will apply to refunds while no fees may apply to store credit. For most orders that are listed as Processing a 30% stocking fee applies for cancellations including refunds and store credits. Orders that are listed as Complete cannot be cancelled. Delays in items shipping are not grounds for fee free cancellation.

- Can I return my order?

So long as an item is not a special order it may be returned with an authorization but only if the product was shipped less than 30 days previously. All returns are subject to a 30% stocking fee. Shipping is not refundable and all shipping costs to return items is the responsibility of the purchaser.

- What is the difference between Genuine and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?

Items listed as genuine are sourced from the automobile manufacturer such as Audi or Volkswagen. Items listed as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are sourced directly from the manufacturer of the actual part(s) for the automobile manufacturer. OEM equipment tends to be less expensive and is identical to the equipment sold by the automobile manufacturer, but some of the OEM equipment can have longer overall delivery times.

- What does it mean when an item is listed as Special Order?

Special order items are items that are not cancellable or returnable. Some special order items may take longer than general delivery times. Special order items will receive an email with delivery estimation after your order is placed or you can be confirm an estimated delivery time prior to ordering.

- Who should install the parts I ordered?

All product sold by Europrice LLC are designed to be installed by certified professional mechanics.

- Are instructions available to install the items I purchased?

Yes, instructions are available for purchasing customers. All CETE Automotive product will have installation and documentation at the bottom of the product page. You must be logged into your account to see and download these documents. Instructions for retrofit packages are supplied via email when items have shipped. Instructions for other items are available on request from customers for product that has been shipped.

- Can I have the instructions for product sold on this website even if I purchased it elsewhere?

Sorry, no. Instructions are provided to purchasing customers only.

- If I ask for part number(s) will you give them to me?

Sorry, no. The parts sold here will be exactly what you are looking for so you never need to worry about part numbers. Many items are VIN specific or specific to the options ordered so parts number(s) will match this and are determined after you place an order.

- Can I purchase just part of a retrofit package that is offered on this website so I can install parts I purchased elsewhere?

Sorry, no. Complete retrofit packages are sold as complete items to ensure proper fitment and function of the full set of items contained in the retrofit package.

- Are the parts I am fitting to my car road legal?

Many items sold by Europrice LLC are original equipment fitted to vehicles worldwide, but items purchased through this website are all intended for off-road use only.

- Will fitting items sold here void my warranty?

Many items sold by Europrice LLC are original equipment fitted to vehicles worldwide, but any modification made to the original items or state of a vehicle may have warranty implications.

- Do I get a warranty on the items I purchased?

Warranties are extended from manufacturers of items so long as one applies. Europrice LLC does not offer warranties on any items sold on this website.