Headlight Activation | Matrix LED (North American)


* Required

  • A little disappointed with your matrix LED headlights only acting like standard LED headlights? This package has the tools and software coupled with a remote session to activate the full matrix LED and/or laser headlight functionality for your North American model to get the most out of your headlights. This only works with North American models that have factory fitted matrix LED headlights. If you are unsure if this product applies to your model please contact and supply your VIN so you can be informed if this applies to your vehicle. In the event that a future dealership visit removes the full matrix functionality this can be re-activated at no labor cost.  The VAS5054 interface is required for re-activating after a dealership visit that removes this functionality so it can be beneficial to purchase that interface for future use.

    *Note the VAS5054A interface can be rented (core authorization voided on return) or the interface can be purchased for future use if needed.


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    - Full Matrix LED High Beam Functionality
    - Laser High Beam Functionality (if applicable)
    - All Factory Systems Stay Fully Functional
    - No Wiring or Physical Installation Required
    - Remote Calibration Included
    - VAS5054A Clone Interface Included
    - Instructions for Software Installation Included

    Fitment: '19+ North American Matrix LED Equipped Models (excl. e-tron GT, Digital Matrix)
    Included: VAS Interface - (x1), Remote Session - (x1), Instructions - (x1)