Headlights | Q7, SQ7 Post-Facelift Matrix LED w/ Laser Light Retrofit Package


* Required

  • Did your car not come with the latest in matrix lighting technology? This retrofit package solves that with genuine all-clear full matrix LED housings with laser lighting coupled with all of the needed components to retrofit from factory fitted LED headlights. Package includes VAS interface for final calibration. Remote coding and calibration of the headlights is included for a simpler installation. Instructions for physical installation and wiring included. Proper aiming of all of the beams is recommended.

    *Note that this package is equipped with all new lighting modules. These must be flashed with proper firmware using Vag Can Pro (VCP) which can be included with the package.


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    - Genuine Post-Facelift Equipment and Function
    - Proper Matrix LED Appearance
    - Laser High Beam Functionality
    - Properly Sweeping Turn Signals
    - Blue Laser High Beam Accent Lighting
    - Packages Available for All Q7, SQ7 Models
    - New Headlight Modules Included for Easy Installation
    - Housings Eliminate Orange Side Marker for Cleaner Appearance
    - Instructions Included for Wiring and Installation
    - Wiring is Required for Installation
    - Remote Coding and Calibration Included
    - VAS Clone Interface Included

    *Note currently these can have basic North American high beam functionality or full matrix functionality can be included.

    Fitment: '20+ Q7, SQ7 (All Models)
    Included: Headlight Housing - (x2), Modules - (x2), Wiring Components - (x1), Interface - (x1)