Taillight Package | A3, S3, RS3 Post-Facelift LED (Sportback, Genuine)


* Required

  • Genuine European LED taillights with sweeping turn signal functionality. Taillights are combined with the needed components to allow for a seamless installation for all pre-facelift and post-facelift A3, S3, RS3 sportback models in all regions that are not equipped with these taillights.

    - Genuine Post-Facelift Equipment and Function
    - Properly Sweeping Turn Signals
    - Discrete Orange Turn Signals for Added Safety
    - Packages Available for Pre-Facelift and Post-Facelift A3, S3, RS3 Models
    - No Wiring is Required for Installation on Pre-Facelift Models
    - 100% Fully Plug-In For Easy Installation on Pre-Facelift Models
    - Wiring is Required for Post-Facelift Models
    - Completely Error-Free Functionality
    - Instructions Included for Installation and Coding

    *Note North American models require coding which is included with pricing. Genuine VCDS Hex-Can is required for this coding. Rest of World models do not require coding for installation.

    Fitment: '14+ A3, S3, RS3 (Sportback)
    Included: Taillights - (x4), Installation Components - (x1)