Taillight Package | Q8, RSQ8 OLED

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  • Genuine European OLED taillights with discrete sweeping turn signal functionality. All functions are separated allowing for the orange turn signal to sweep on it's own. The missing rear fog light(s) can be added in along with the needed European headlight switch to make this functional. Taillights are combined with the needed components to allow for a seamless installation for North American Q8 and RSQ8 models.

    - Genuine Equipment and Function
    - Proper Rest of World Functionality
    - Complete Startup Animation
    - Dynamic Sweeping Turn Signals
    - Discrete Orange Turn Signals for Added Safety
    - Eliminates Standard Blinking Brake Light with Turn Signals
    - Missing Rear Fog Light can be Activated with Switch and Additional Wiring
    - Separated Functions for Cleaner Operation
    - Wiring is Required for Installation - Wiring Components Included
    - Instructions Included for Wiring and use of VCP

    *VCP (Vag Can Pro) is required for setting proper functionality.

    *Note that this upgrade is for North American Q8 and RSQ8 models with OLED taillights currently.

    Fitment: '19+ Q8, RSQ8 (North American)
    Included: Taillights - (x3), Wiring Components - (x1)