Turn Signal Modules | A4, S4, RS4, Allroad Post-Facelift Semi-Dynamic


* Required

  • Plug in modules that produce a semi-sweeping turn signal effect. Modules will function with all post-facelift models outside of North America, cars with Europrice post-facelift taillight upgrades and post-facelift Avant models (coding required).

    - Semi-sweeping effect
    - Plug in design specific to each application
    - No coding changes needed (excl. North American Avants)
    - Packages Available for Post-Facelift A4, S4, Allroad Avant Models
    - North American A4/S4 Sedan Owners Must Upgrade to European Taillights to Utilize Modules
    - No Wiring or Cutting/Splicing Required
    - Instructions Included for Coding on Avant Models

    *Note that these modules will NOT work with stock North American A4 or S4 sedan taillights due to a combined brake and turn signal inside of the inner taillight. North American A4 and S4 owners would need to upgrade to the European Taillights to use these modules.

    Fitment: '13-'16 A4, S4, RS4, Allroad
    Included: Modules - (x2)